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Our development team has been hard at work instroducting new features and improvements to our existing functionaltiy. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team!


Announcing a brand-new feature! NeedleNine now allows flight schools to issue “packages”, or blocks, of flight hours to their students for a fixed cost. Broken down by Dual, Solo, and Simulator hours, flight schools can control how many credit hours to issue to students. 

We are still building out the documentation surrounding this feature set. If your operation is looking to set up this functionality quickly, reach out to our support team who can set up a virtual meeting to onboard you. 

Maintenance Reservations

Looking for a summary of your scheduled and completed maintenance reservations? As an employee user of NeedleNine, head on over to the Aircraft Details page, where you will now see an MX Reservations tab. Under the “Upcoming” tab, you’ll be able to see what you have scheduled. Under “Completed”, you’ll be able to review that aircraft’s history, and update any Hobbs or Tach values, if an error was entered. 

User List Filters

We know it’s important for you to track students who’ve fallen off your schedule; that’s why we redefined one of the filters available to you on the User List. The “Last Active” filter is now based on the date of each user’s most recent logbook entry. Under “More Filters”, you can return a list of users who have not flown in a certain number of days, letting you reach out to them with special offers to get them back on your schedule! 

Service Fee – Small Change

Last, we’ve made a small modification to our service fee structure. The service fee is now considered taxable on all invoices generated in NeedleNine. You will now see the local municipality sales tax calculated on each invoices service fee.