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Our team had a great time at the 2023 FSANA conference earlier this month! As an FSANA Builder Partner, we were thrilled to meet flight schools who are looking for a better flight school management software to grow their business. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth!

Now onto our most recent feature updates.

New Features

We are proud to announce a new payment processing service, now available to all of our customers! We’ve partnered with Gravity Payments, where you will receive reliable payment processing, outstanding customer service for your business, and – most importantly – have access to the most competitive rates in the market. Reach out to us today to learn more and set up your new system!

Additionally, we’ve just created an avenue for your clients to automatically be sent a reminder text message about upcoming reservations. If enabled by your flight school, clients (and prospective clients!) with a phone number on file will receive a text at 9am the day before their reservation. Individual users (for example, your students) can turn off text message reminders in their NeedleNine account.

Existing Functionality Improvements

We make a series of small functionality changes. For example, we modified the MX tile on your team’s Dashboard page. The category names were modified to be clearer, and by clicking on the category names you will be navigated to the Aircraft Report, filtered for the selection made.

Finally, while none of us like them, bugs are a reality in using a Software-As-A-Service product. Thank you to all of our users who let us know they were experiencing peculiar behavior that we were able to fix! Here is a sampling:

  • Broken “View More” link on Dashboard tiles – Fixed!
  • Customer Service Representative unable to add tags – Fixed!
  • Reservation confirmation email on mobile device had incorrect width – Fixed!
  • Manual payments posting with the following date – Fixed!

Road Map – what’s coming next?

Our team has been putting pieces in place to allow your flight school more control over your user’s access. As a Role-Based-Access-Control (RBAC) software, the actions allowed by each user is currently established based on their assigned user role. We cleaned up the permissions of Line Service Technicians, as well as Customer Service Representatives. We will soon be rolling out a small number of editable permissions for further security access control, according to your own operation.

Get involved!

If you ever have feedback on a specific feature in NeedleNine, or something is not working as you expect it to, let us know! Email our support team at [email protected].

Additionally, if you’d like to be involved in new feature development, let us know! We are always looking for additional perspectives to ensure that our product meets the needs of our clients. Send an email to our support team, and we will get in touch!